A thinking partner at your side

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Who do I coach?

I coach growth-minded people who are navigating a period of transition and opportunity.

  • Senior executives seeking renewed focus for their organizations and for themselves
  • Entrepreneurs entering new stages of business growth
  • Leaders transitioning to new organizations and inheriting established teams
  • High-performing team members growing into team lead roles
  • Business founders and teams, learning to work together for the first time or in new ways
  • Mid-career professionals at pivot points in their careers
  • Young professionals navigating the early stages of their career
  • Highly-successful professionals seeking work-life balance
  • Teams undergoing rapid growth or transformation
How does it work?

Coaching is a conversational approach to learning and growth.

I offer a methodical approach to learning and growth where we can engage in a creativecollaborative, and reflective process that will help you reach new levels of awareness, accountability, and purpose in achieving positive outcomes with long-lasting impact.

Part of this process involves looking inward to what you’re thinking and experiencing, and part of this also involves looking outward to the systems and dynamics taking place around you.

My role is to listen, reflect back what I hear, ask you questions to help you gain greater awareness and clarity, and create the conditions that take you to insight and action.

We work with your agenda. My goal is to help you find clarity, purpose, and energy, to pursue your ambitions with focus and drive.

Coaching 1:Many

In addition to 1:1 coaching, I offer a range of group and team coaching experiences through Summit Academy.

Throughout your time as an active client with A Tiny Leap, you gain access to all of our group offerings at discounted rates.

Your Leadership Journey:
Leadership Foundations

12-week Group Program for Individuals

Leadership is a journey and just as every leader is unique, so too is their journey. Who are you as a leader? Who is the leader you aspire to be? What will be possible when you are leading in full alignment with your values and vision?

Mastermind Meetups

One-time Group Sessions for Individuals

Mastermind Meetups are participatory group workshops where we bring together like-minded professionals to explore the ins and outs of a specific topic framed as a series of questions. We open with the focus questions, and from there the meetup is uniquely shaped by the interests and expertise of the participants. Our goal is that everyone leaves with a new insight or a nugget of a new idea that you can put into play right away.

Rising Up: From Individual Contributor to Team Lead

6-week Group Program for Individuals

Rising through the ranks from individual contributor to a team lead role is a career transition with an open playbook. What got you here often won’t get you there. Where do you want to go next?

Team Foundations

Coaching for Business Partners and Teams

A good team knows what they are working towards, a great team knows both what and how. Whenever we work in a team, we are continually forming “contracts” and “agreements” of how we do what we do. Creating a shared vision of both what we do and how we do it is a crucial step along the way to building high performing teams. What principles guide the way you work together as a team?

What are the results?

Together, we create positive and meaningful outcomes with long-lasting impact.

When we work together, we aren’t here to just talk. Every session, we will set a focus and a next step that keeps you moving forward towards meaningful outcomes. For example:

  • a shift in mindset and perspective
  • clarity of vision, purpose, and focus
  • increased levels of awareness, accountability, and commitment
  • newfound momentum in taking action towards new goals
  • improved career satisfaction
  • healthy and sustainable work-life balance
  • new levels of optimal performance
  • confidence and excitement with navigating the future
  • successfully transitioning into a new job or entirely new career path

The impact begins from Session 0 and our greatest measure of success is what you go on to accomplish long after we’re done.

I genuinely appreciated the opportunity to work with you, and have learned so much more about myself, my values, and how to find a career path that honours these. Thank you!!!
– S.G.

The last time we spoke I told you about two positions I applied for…I got an offer on the second job last night and accepted today! It’s been seriously helpful working with you… I’m seriously indebted for your help!
– A. L.

Let’s connect

Curious to learn more?

Our first step is to have a 30min call.

I’ll ask you a few questions to get a sense of where you’re at, you can do the same of me. We’ll get a sense of what it could be like to work together and at the end we’ll know: Is it worth spending more time in a coaching engagement?

Sometimes there is a simple resource or referral I can offer, and we’ll be done. Other times, the second step in our journey together will have just begun. The first step was deciding to book the call 🙂